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AEP Index

Volume 1, Number 2

Jagger J, Balon M. Blood and Body Fluid Exposures: To Skin and Mucous Membranes. AEP. 1995:1 (2) 1-2, 6. Provides data skin or mucous membrane exposure to blood, and makes recommendations about preventive measures.

Jagger J, Arnold WP. Blood Salvage Machines Cause Blood Exposures to Operating Room Personnel. AEP. 1995: 1 (2) 3-4. Discusses massive blood exposures to operating room personnel that are linked to blood salvage machines, examines design problems, and proposes possible remedies.

AEP Interview: Jane Doe, R.N. AEP. 1995: 1(2) 5, 10-11. A nurse, known as "Jane Doe," contracted HIV from a needlestick she sustained in 1987. In this interview she discusses her experiences, including her reasons for retaining her confidentiality. Asymptomatic, she continues to do bedside nursing at San Francisco General Hospital and to educate coworkers about safety precautions for health care workers.

EPINet Forum. AEP. 1995:1 (2) 12. Answers the question : "Is the risk of needlesticks to health care workers sufficient to justify the cost of replacing hypodermic needles with needleless or shielded needle systems?"