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Outpatient Pediatric Nutrition Services


Outpatient pediatric nutrition services at UVA Health System are provided by a number of pediatric nutritionists (registered dietitians) in a variety of settings within the Children's Medical Center including...

Pediatric Outpatient Setting

Pediatric Dietitian 


General Pediatric Clinic at the Children's Hospital


Eva Delaney RDN

Pediatric Renal Clinic at the Primary Care Center

Tegan Medico MPH-MS, RD


Pediatric Gastrointestinal Clinic

     Children's Fitness Clinic

Tegan Medico MPH-MS, RD

Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

       Battle Building


Barbara Goodin, MS, RD

Pediatric Outpatient Endocrinology

        Battle Building   


Amanda Crane, RD


Pediatric Development Clinic


Elizabeth Moore RD


Pediatric Ketogenic Counseling

Ielyzaveta "Lisa" Shkoda RDN, CNSC


Outpatient Pediatric Nutrition Services


  • Conduct limited or in-depth nutritional assessment, as needed
  • Provide medical nutrition therapy recommendations for children with a wide variety of nutritional disorders
  • Provide nutrition support recommendations for the management of children on home tube feedings
  • Obtain a 24 hour recall, food records or other form of dietary records, conduct nutrient analyses and compare intake to estimated needs
  • Provide patient and family education on specialized and therapeutic diets, specialized formula preparation or home nutrition support, as needed.
  • Work with patient's primary physician, as needed, to manage nutritional recommendations and answer nutrition management questions as they arise.