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Pediatric Nutrition Services within the General Pediatrics Units (7-Acute)

Initial Nutrition Screening:
The 7-Acute clinical nutritionist screens pediatric patients on the unit to determine those at nutrition risk.  Per Nutrition Services policy, all children are screened for nutrition risk upon admission by the unit nursing staff and the 7-Acute pediatric nutritionist will then be contacted for those children determined to be at risk.   The initial screening by the nursing staff is based on presence of the following:

  • Special diet or formula
  • Poor oral intake for > 5 days
  • Pressure ulcer(s) or poor wound healing
  • Burns
  • Problems chewing or swallowing
  • Use of specialized nutrition support: enteral or parenteral
  • Current diagnosis of malnutrition, cystic fibrosis, failure to thrive or new onset diabetes mellitus

The patient's family is also asked if they wish to see a nutritionist.

Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment: 
The 7-Acute nutritionist will provide a comprehensive nutrition assessment within 48 - 72 hours of admission, or by Hospital Day #3, to those patients determined to be at nutrition risk.  The following conditions or diagnoses are often indicative of high nutrition risk. 

1. Pediatric Patients on Nutrition Support
2. High Risk Nutrition Diagnoses or Conditions
3. Weight Below or Above Standards

  • Weight/height < 5th%-ile on National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) growth charts
  • Height < 5th%-ile
  • Weight/Height > 95th-ile
  • Recent weight loss (over the past 6 months) of > 10% of usual body weight

4. Catabolic State: Sustained fever, major organ failure
5. Diet order and patient intake inadequate in meeting patient
    nutritional requirements.

  • NPO (nothing by mouth) > 3 days in previously malnourished children or NPO > 5 days in previously well nourished children, without parenteral or enteral nutrition
  • Patients on clear or full liquid diets for > 5 days

The pediatric clinical nutritionist for 7-Acute is:

 Elizabeth (Libby) Moore PIC 6433