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Kidney Care Classes

classes are free

To register for a class, call 434-924-1984

Taking Care of Kidneys

Kidney Talk

(2nd Tuesday of the Month)

(2nd Monday of the Month)

A two-hour educational presentation to learn more about kidney disease

  • How the kidney works
  • Causes of kidney disease
  • Medications used to treat kidney disease
  • Nutrition Management
  • How to be healthy





  • A three-hour educational presentation for patients who may need dialysis
  • Explore strategies on how to continue to live a good life and slow the progression of kidney disease
  • Learn how the kidney works and what happens when your kidneys start to fail
  • Learn about the kinds of "artificial kidneys" - hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and about kidney transplantation
  • Discover how eating habits can help you manage your kidney disease, what foods to avoid/limit and "yes" foods
  • Learn about Exercise options and how to deal with chronic diseases.  Learn what resources are available to you.