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Nutrition Support Blog: Nutrition Support Instruction Book

Posted by SF8N at Jun 03, 2014 06:43 PM |
June 3, 2014
Nutrition Support Blog:  Nutrition Support Instruction Book

by Joe Krenitsky, MS, RD

The Greatest American Hero was a somewhat kitschy 1980’s television show about a kind-hearted but average guy who receives a “super-suit” complete with cape, which endows him with super powers.


Unfortunately, the would-be hero quickly loses the instruction book that came with the suit, and he is forced to master his new powers by trial and error.  I was always able to relate to this character, not only because I am all too capable of losing an important instruction book, but also because I have encountered professional situations that I have had to navigate with some degree of improvisation.  I would have loved an instruction book written by someone that had identified potential hospital/nutrition support pitfalls that I should avoid and provided me with some guidance.

Over the years, in addition to my trial and error, I was extremely fortunate to have other professionals who were generous enough to share their time, insights and wisdom.  I have done my best to pay this generosity forward, and be willing to share what I have learned with others.  Our nutrition support traineeship programs have expanded our opportunity to interact with and help other professionals.  We have put much of our “collective team wisdom” into our traineeship manual, and we strive to keep the information as current as possible.  However, there is so much valuable information and nuances of practice that just don’t translate into print.  Our Nutrition Support Traineeship and Weekend Warrior programs allow us to get to know clinicians, hear about the sticking points and problem areas, and answer questions about issues many of us face.  One side benefit of our week-long traineeship is that we not only can keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening around the country, but we get to learn from our fellow trainees.  

I can’t help but feel that if we keep paying what we learn forward, eventually we are going to move the entire field to a better place.  We may only have labcoats, and not super suits with capes, but it feels pretty super to help people not make the same mistakes that I did.

“A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak.”                      - Michael Garrett Marino


“No Capes!!!”

-      Edna Mode, The Incredibles, Disney/Pixar 2004

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