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Nutrition Support Blog: Fall 2011 Webinar Information

Posted by SF8N at Aug 01, 2011 01:25 PM |
August 1, 2011

The fall 2011 Webinar schedule is now posted and we are excited to announce some big changes for the webinar program beginning with the September session!   Through our partnership with Morrison Management Specialists, we will now be able to accept online registration and credit card payment!  The new webinar system will also allow more efficient communication and more advanced webinar features.   These topics and issues have come up often in evaluations and webinar feedback, and we hope the new system will better meet the needs of our participants.

 So, what are the changes for the webinars?

  •      Updated Registration fees
  •      Online registration (via GoToWebinar site)
  •      Online Payment (via MorrisonCEU.com)
  •      Both audio and visuals will be provided via computer (no telephone/speaker phone required)
  •      After the webinar, participants can print a Certificate of Participation (once an online evaluation is completed)

We are also pleased with the line-up of excellent speakers and practical topics for the fall.  The dates, topics, and objectives are now posted on our website:

  • September 20:  Making Sense of Fluid Management: ICU and Acute Care--Joe Krenitsky, MS, RD
  • October 13:  The Basics of Gastrointestinal Anatomy & Physiology, Part I--Cynthia Yoshida, MD
  • November 15: Vitamin and Mineral Issues in Gastric Bypass--Kelly O’Donnell, MS, RD, CNSD
  • December 6: The Basics of Gastrointestinal  Anatomy & Physiology, Part II:  The Malabsorption Work-Up--Carol Parrish, MS, RD

For more information on the webinars, please visit www.GInutrition.virginia.edu and click on the webinar page.  Information on registration is available, and registration for the September webinar is now open (registration for upcoming webinars will be open soon).

Let us know what you think of the new process and features!  We will reevaluate this process after our fall webinar series and take all feedback into account.  We’d love to hear from you!

Questions?  Comments?  Email:  sf8n@virginia.edu

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