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Why Choose Us?

We work with people to address the full range of their needs for nutrition knowledge, current and desired states of health/nutrition assessment, food selection, preparation and mindful eating. We help patients simplify and prioritize nutrition goals, decreasing the sense of being overwhelmed by guiding the next tasks of change.

We help people make practical changes. We understand the psychology of eating, pleasure pathways, and the emotional relationship with food. We assess the stages of change and readiness among our clients, and we seek to tailor our approach to the needs of the individual. We recognize that change is often complex and is not quick. We hold the space for our clients so they can make changes. And because it’s complex and takes time, we need to be and are patient. We offer programs (like Emotional Brain Training - EBT and Hoo's Losing It that provide structure and support for individuals as they reach their health goals.

We pay attention to other foundational aspects of lifestyle in addition to nutrition patterns such as sleep adequacy, exercise, stresses and other factors that influence an individual’s life and health. Our patients often report that they find us a “relief” or “different” from other nutritionists/RDs.  We have many return clients and many stay in a pattern of periodic follow up with us over years.

Our RD’s have a variety of specialties including, diabetes, PCOS, integrative health coaching, weight management and digestive health. In addition to conveying knowledge on themes of nutrition therapy, our preferred style of interacting is through a strong relationship: it is through a wellness coaching style that our aim is to leave you walking out feeling empowered!

Location: Northridge Medical Building, Suite 1500, 1st Floor, Charlottesville, VA 22908.  We are easy to access with ample Free parking.