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Group Classes and Training

Group training can often be highly effective! Group training offers the hidden benefit of group support and in some cases a superior health outcome, compared with individual treatment alone. Group training may also be more economical than individual visits because our group courses are priced for affordability. Most classes are self-pay only. Please call us at 434-243-4749 or email RF7R@virginia.edu for availability and pricing information.

Our group classes include:
Emotional Brain Training (EBT) – initial course, EBT Basics/Wired for Joy is 6 weeks
EBT was developed at the University of California, San Francisco’s School of Medicine over the last 30 years, and is delivered nationwide. It is a whole brain experience, that is, learning the most advanced practices in lifestyle that are evidence-based so that the “thinking brain” or neocortex consciously sets reasonable goals. However, EBT also addresses the emotional brain, the seat of balance and wellbeing and how we process daily life, including those wires in our brain that amplify our appetites for sugary, fatty foods. We offer several options of EBT training for individuals and groups, at corporate worksite settings or for employee wellness, ie of UVA faculty, students and employees.

Hoo's Losin' It?

This is a 6 month weight and pre-diabetes management program available only to UVA Aetna insured employees or spouses. Participants experience an average of 5.5% weight loss and significantly improve activity/exercise, healthful eating and lifestyle.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – one time workshop offered 6x/year
This is a 2.5 hour small group workshop that explores why diet and exercise are a main course of therapy for PCOS. Participants learn more about what PCOS actually is and how to implement exercise and nutrition management plans as part of their treatment.