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Open House and Visits

University of Virginia Health System Dietetic Internship Open House 


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our in-person and virtual open house. Check back in the fall for more information about the 2020 University of  Virginia Health System Dietetic Internship Open House.


Personal Visit & Tours

A personal interview is not required as part of the application procedure. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the scheduled Open House (see above).  If this is not feasible, individual visits may be arranged.  Students interested in taking a tour should contact Program Director, Angie Hasemann Bayliss at , Assistant Program Director, Dana Henry at dnc4s@virginia.edu, or Internship Coordinator, Stacey McCray at sf8n@virginia.edu. Tours may be available depending on the availability of  the internship leadership. The visit will not impact your application to the program.

 For questions regarding our program, please contact internship leadership.

Angie Hasemann Bayliss, MS, RDN, CSP at ajh5j@virginia.edu (434) 924-2348

Dana Henry, RDN, at dnc4s@virginia.edu (434) 982-4925

Stacey McCray, RDN at sf8n@virginia.edu