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2017-2018 Rotation Evaluation Questionnaire


Please complete REQs at the end of each rotation. They should be done no later than the Friday following the end of the rotation.

Rate each item as follows: 1 = failure to meet expectations; 2 = needs improvement in order to meet expectations; 3 = met expectations; 4 = exceeded expectations


1. Orientation to the unit and procedures or facility/program was appropriate.  

2. Explanations of the rotation objectives, assignments, due dates, and expectations were well-communicated and appropriate. Expectations were clarified, as needed, during the rotation.  

3. The rotation learning experiences were well planned and organized. Learning experiences were fulfilled during the rotation, as appropriate based on situation/context.  

4. Assignments were challenging and developed your clinical, counseling, program development, or management skills.  

5. The preceptor served as an effective role model (ie, exemplified professional behaviors such as appropriate communication, teamwork, respect for interns, punctuality, availability, etc.).  

6. The preceptor provided pertinent factual information needed during the rotation and guided you to alternate sources of information, references, etc. if needed.  

7. The preceptor spent an appropriate amount of time teaching and stimulated your thinking about the clinical, community or management problems in that setting (depending on the rotation).  

8. Preceptor provided helpful and constructive information and feedback during the week or during a one-on-one meeting at the end of the rotation.  

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