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Class Day Speaker Presentation Evaluation

Active Learning Technique Examples a) Pre-presentation readings with follow-up discussion b) Ice-breaker activity c) Pre-test and post-test d) Examples/calculations e) Case study review f) Demonstrations g) Role-playing h) Think, pair and share i) Reflection and discussion j) Brainstorming k) Group work l) Interactive handout

The subject material was relevant and interesting to the current or future role of the RD.  

The material was organized, flowed well, and followed a logical sequence.  

The amount of content was appropriate for the allotted amount of time.  

The material was covered in sufficient breadth and depth.  

The presenter spoke audibly and effectively using appropriate tone and inflection and at a reasonable speed.  

The speaker presented the material in a dynamic, interactive, and effective manner.  

The speaker used active learning techniques appropriate to the topic.  

The speaker demonstrated appropriate nonverbal communication, including eye contact, changes in facial expression, appropriate body language.  

The speaker effectively used PowerPoint or other presentation format as a visual aid (i.e. the slides were visually appealing, easy to read, used a variety of slide layouts).  

The speaker developed an effective, easy to understand and informative handout (preferably not a copy of the PPT slides). The handout included a relevant reference list or helpful practice tool.  

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