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Outpatient Surgery Center Subcommittee

Chair:  David Diduch, MD


The Outpatient Surgery Center Subcommittee is an interdisciplinary committee charged with coordinating and overseeing the clinical practice within the UVa Outpatient Surgery Center (“Surgery Center”).  The OPSC subcommittee reports to and makes recommendations to the OR Committee. The OPSC subcommittee oversees clinical practice related to Pre-, Peri-, and Post-procedure care in the Surgery Center.  It has the responsibility to recommend and approved clinical procedure and policy within the Surgery Center.  This committee reports the the Main OR Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Utilizes evidenced-based medicine to recommend changes in clinical practice
  • Recommends policy related to the care of patients undergoing operative and invasive procedures at the Surgery Center
  • Monitors data related to operative and other invasive procedures, which includes but is not limited to the following:
    • appropriateness of procedure
    • procedural and post procedural complications, anesthesia complications
    • tissue review - discrepancy between pre-procedure diagnosis and pathological diagnosis
    • clinical outcomes
    • patient satisfaction
    • utilization and allocation of operating room and procedure room time
  • Monitors adherence to policies and procedures