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Surgical & Invasive Procedure Committee




Chair:  John Hanks, MD
Administration:  Carole Wagonhurst, MA




The Surgical and Invasive Procedure Review Committee will be formed as a new Clinical Staff Committee as outlined on the proposed Clinical Staff organizational chart of August 2012. The formation of the Committee comes at the request of the President of the Clinical Staff and the President Elect of the Clinical Staff, Chair of the Credentials Committee. Its charge includes working with the Credentials Committee in dealing with issues of new technology, new procedures and environment of care. To that end, the Committee will have three Subcommittees which deal with  these issues in the perioperative area and operating rooms, invasive procedure areas which include interventional radiology and the endoscopy suites and finally in the area of inpatient bedside procedures. Each of these areas will be represented by a sub-committee answering to the main committee.

The Surgical and Invasive Procedure Review Committee will address the following issues:

1.      Evaluation of new technology, including new instrumentation, for use in surgical or other invasive procedures which is being introduced into the University of Virginia for the first time.

2.      The evaluation of novel procedures in which standard instrumentation or techniques are employed in a novel or advanced approach (for example trans­ gastric appendectomy as an endoscopic procedure). The Committee would review the current privilege and credentials for these new/novel procedures and make recommendations to the Credentials Committee including consistent standard for performance of these procedures by practicing UVA clinicians across applicable departments and monitor of outcomes.

3.      The Committee would advise clinicians on the volume and efficiency standards prior to submitting requests for privileges for techniques which might overlap other departments or other practices (for example advising on the credentialing of flexible sigmoidoscopy by Family Practice, Gastroenterology and General Surgery) to the Credentials Committee.

4.      The Committee would provide and seek advice to/from Hospital Administration and operational departments concerning issues of appropriateness, efficiency, programmatic synergy ("environment of care"). The Committee would be looking at the appropriateness of performing procedures by various clinical staff, evaluating the adequacy of resources such as personnel and equipment and placement of the services within the hospital complex or medical center clinical areas.

5.      The Committee will evaluate and establish two sub-committees or work groups, Operating Room and Outpatient Surgery Center Subcommittee and the Procedural Laboratory Subcommittee. Establishment and identification of issues surrounding inpatient or bedside procedures will be developed as the first two committees mature their experience in these areas:

a)    Perioperative Procedures and Technology: will investigate the relevant issues mentioned above in the operating rooms and the outpatient surgery area. There may well be some overlaps in procedures which may or may not be done in an emergent fashion in the perioperative (SAS and PACU areas).

b)    Procedural Laboratory: will address the issues which have particular relevancies in interventional radiology, the endoscopy suite and areas concerning cardiology and cardiac catheterization.

c)     Bedside Procedure:  will be formed after the maturation of the efforts of the two subcommittees above. This group will work with Patient Safety Committee and the Credentialing Committee in evaluating and identifying those procedures done at the bedside (including the intensive care   units). These   procedures would include central line placement, percutaneous tracheostomy,  chest tube placement, thoracentesis and lumbar punctures as examples of bedside invasive procedures.

The proceedings, minutes, records, reports and all oral and written communications originating in or provided to the  Surgical and Invasive Procedure Review Committee are privileged under Virginia Code Section 8.01-581.17.