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Safety & Security Subcommittee


Administration: Connie Morris
Chair: Tom Harkins, Chief, Environment of Care


The Safety and Security Subcommittee is an interdisciplinary subcommittee charged with the coordination, implementation and evaluation of Management Plans that relate to environmental safety. The Subcommittee reports to the Quality Council and interfaces with other committees and departments to ensure a safe environment for patients, employees and guests.

Membership: Chief Administrative Office, Director of Facilities Services, Director of Clinical Engineering, Director of Security, Director of Physical Plant, Director of Occupational Health, Safety Manager, Director of Risk Management, and representation from Performance Improvement, Epidemiology, Environmental Health and Safety, and others as designated by institutional assignments related to safety.

Staff Support is provided by the Environment of Care office.

Meetings: The Safety and Security Subcommittee shall meet monthly or as otherwise deemed necessary by the chair but not less than quarterly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identifies and prioritizes opportunities for improvement in the area of worker and environmental safety
  • Implements and Evaluates the following Safety Plans: Fire, General Safety, Utilities Management, Emergency Management, Security, Equipment, Hazardous Material, Waste Management
  • Monitors high risk areas with defined standards and takes appropriate action as indicated
  • Collaborates with Management and other committees to ensure compliance with JCAHO standards and relevant laws, regulations and policies
  • Recommends institutional policies and procedures related environmental safety
  • Provides institutional direction for education related to safety
  • Provides regular feedback to the Quality Council and an annual report to the Medical Center Operating Board regarding the effectiveness of the Management Plans and recommended revisions to the Plans

Current Members

 Members Specialty 
Tom Harkins, Chair Chief Environment of Care 
Ralph Allen Environmental Health & Safety 
Richard Allen Space Management
Thomas Berry Director, Emergency Management 
Rudy Beverly Assistant Director of Security
Reba Camp Environment of Care
David Cornelius Clinical Engineering 
Kevin Fox Environment of Care 
Eve Giannetta, RN, BSN Infection Control 
Jane Gildersleeve, RN Cancer Center 
John Knapp Environmental Health & Safety 
Christine Matt, RN Director, Quality Management, TCH
Doriane Perkins, RN, MSN Manager, Transplant
Adam Peters Environmental Health & Safety 
John Rainey Director, Physical Plant
Tim Roland Facilities Planning & Capital Development
Mary Ann Thompson Safety & Security Officer 
Peter Urban, RN Employee Safety Coordinator, Employee Health 
Mark Utz Health System Physical Plant