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Medical Emergency Response Subcommittee


Administration: Penny Carlisle
Chair: William Brady, MD


The Medical Emergency Response Subcommittee is a multidisciplinary committee charged to coordinate and standardize effective resuscitative services throughout the Medical Center. This Subcommittee reports to the Critical Care Subcommittee, which reports to the Patient Care Committee.

Membership: Memberships includes representation from Life Support Learning, Anesthesia, Respiratory Therapy, Nursing, Medicine and others as recommended by the chair.

Staff Support is provided by the Life Support Learning Center.

Meetings: The Resuscitation Subcommittee shall meet as deemed necessary by the Chair.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Utilizes benchmark and institutional data to evaluate outcomes and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Utilizes evidenced-based medicine and current literature to evaluate equipment, medications and supplies to standard processes and protocols related to resuscitation
  • Provides institutional direction for education related to resuscitation
  • Annually reviews existing policies and procedures related to resuscitation and makes recommendations for revisions
  • Collaborates with other committees and departments to ensure effective resuscitative processes
  • Provides regular reports to the Patient Care Committee via the Critical Care Subcommittee

Current Members

Members  Specialty 
William Brady, MD, Chair Emergency Medicine
Mark Adams, RN, BSN Heart Center- CCU 
Kostas Alibertis, CCEMTP Life Support Learning Center 
Joel Anderson, RN, MSN Medical Surgical Specialty Care
Will Barnhardt Emergency Management
Thomas Berry, MHA Director, Emergency Management 
Mildred Best, MDiv Chaplaincy
Jeanne Bird, RT Respiratory Therapy
Kathleen Bledsoe, PharmD Pharmacy
Karen Braden, RN, MSN Emergency Department 
Marcia Buck, PharmD Pharmacy
Derek Austin Burden, PharmD Pharmacy
David Burt, MD Emergency Medicine
Kathy Butler, RN, BSN Trauma Coordinator 
Mary Carson, RN, BSN Pain Management Center 
Jeannean Carver, MD Pediatrics 
Nathan Charlton, MD Pediatrics
Jodean Chisholm, RN 3 Central/Medicine
Susan Lee Connette, RN Pain Management
Stacy Crowell Director, QPI 
Michael Devitt, MD Resident, Internal Medicine
Thomas DiPiro, PharmD, MBA Resident, Pharmacy
Gerald Donowitz, MD Internal Medicine 
Steve Dunn, PharmD Pharmacy
Kyle Enfield, MD Infectious Disease
John Gilday, RN Emergency Management
Sonny Gray MEDCOM Supervisor
Tausha Grim, RN PICU
Patrick Headley, MS Clinical Engineering
Matthew Henrich, RN MET
Tim Hodge  Pegasus Network 
Angela Holian, PharmD Pharmacy
Jonathan Howard, RN LSLC
Laura Lee, MD Pediatrics 
Stuart Lowson, MD Anesthesiology 
Beth Mehring, RN Emergency Management 
Blee Moffitt, RN, MSN MET Team 
Paul Muddiman Information & Referral
Leigh Ann Nordt, RN, MSN Staffing Resource Office
Alix Paget-Brown, MD Peditarics
Sara Parson, PharmD Pharmacy
Debra Perina, MD Emergency Medicine
Vanessa Peters ITC/Communication Services
Dale Shifflett Materials Support 
Gil Somers, RN Life Support Learning Center 
Richard Stairhime, RRT, MSc Respiratory Therapy
Robert Truoccolo Center for Emergency Management
Marc Winstead Life Support Learning Center 
William Woods, MD Emergency Medicine
Zequan Yang, MD Surgery
Santina Zanelli, MD Clinical Pediatrics/Neonatology