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Procedural Sedation Subcommittee

Co-chairs: Robert Anthony - Cardiac Lab
                  Ronak Patel, MD - Anesthesiology


The Procedural Sedation Subcommittee is an interdisciplinary committee charged with coordination and implementation of Procedural Sedation for inpatient, outpatient, and procedure area settings. This committee reports to Patient Care Committee and addresses the clinical practice and patient outcomes related to moderate and deep procedural sedation.

Meetings: The Procedural Sedation Subcommittee shall meet at least monthly  or as otherwise deemed necessary by the Chairs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Utilizes current evidence based standards to implement practice requirements for procedure related sedation in collaboration with the Department of Anesthesiology
  • Provides oversight to practices related to sedation and anesthesia use outside of the OR setting
  • Provides direction and oversight for provider and staff training and competency requirements
  • Develops, reviews, and revises clinical decision tools for safe sedation practices
  • Recommends clinical decision tools to Patient Care Committee for approval
  • Routinely reviews quality outcomes related to sedation practices including the occurrence of unanticipated outcomes and develops action plans for improvement
  • Coordinates with the Pharmacy & Therapeutics to provide oversight for medication ordering and administration practices for procedure related sedation
  • Provides an annual report to Patient Care Committee that provides an overview of the data and performance improvement efforts.


Robert Anthony, Co chair Cardiac Lab
Ronak Patel, MD, Co chair Anesthesiology
Denise Barth, RN, MSN Accreditation
Derek Burden, PharmD Pharmacy
Laurie Brock, RN Epic/EMR
Deborah Cunningham, RN Emergency Medicine
Carolyn Deverell, RN Epic/EMR
Cheri Blevins, RN MICU
Holly Hintz, RN Nursing Governance
John Hedrick, PharmD Pharmacy
Fritz Angle, MD Angiography and Interventional Imaging/Radiology
Annette Silver, RN Angiography
Bryan Sauer, MD Gastroenterology
Laura Longley, APN Nursing Education