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Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee


Administration: , PharmD
Secretary:  , PharmD
Co-Chairs: , MD and , PharmD


The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Subcommittee is an interdisciplinary committee charged with the institutional oversight of the use of pharmaceutical and other therapeutic products. This Committee reports to the Clinical Staff Executive Committee and is authorized to develop and maintain a Medical Center formulary that is financially responsible and clinically effective.

Membership: Includes the Director of Pharmacy and representation from the Clinical Staff, Housestaff, Nursing staff and a clinical nutritionist.

Staff support is provided by the Pharmacy Department.

Meetings: The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee shall meet monthly or as otherwise deemed necessary by the Chair, but not less than quarterly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Utilizes current literature and evidence-based medicine to approve drugs for the Medical Center formulary, including assessments of the cost effectiveness of drugs
  • Approves institutional procedures that consider risk potential for error related to the ordering, storage, security, distribution and administration of pharmaceuticals and other therapeutics
  • Recommends policy related to the storage, security, distribution and administration of pharmaceuticals and other therapeutics
  • Reviews the utilization of specific high risk, high volume drugs, approves utilization guidelines as indicated, collaborates with appropriate departments and committees to effect changes in practice and monitors practice to ensure that changes occur
  • Ensures best practices through use of medication safety alerts in conjunction with technology and automation
  • Reviews adverse drug reaction and medication error data
  • Provides institutional direction for staff and patient education regarding medication use
  • Evaluates non-formulary medication use
  • Collaborates with other committees and departments to ensure the safe and effective use of medications
  • Reviews printed and electronic standing orders, order sets, and protocols for medication orders for safety and consistency with nationally recognized and evidence-based guidelines
  • Ensures safe and effective management of drug shortages and recalls through collaboration with key stakeholders and communication of management strategies
  • Promotes compliance with national patient safety initiatives as they related to the medication use process
  • Reports to CSEC on current activities and escalates appropriate items to that group with recommendations for the most appropriate solutions.

Current Members

Members Specialty
John Densmore, MD, Co-Chair Hematology/Oncology
Rafael Saenz, PharmD, Co-Chair Pharmacy Administration
Rick Carpenter, RN, MSN, CCRN Patient Care Services
Kim Elgin, RN Acute Care
Asaad Alsufyani, MD Housestaff Representative
Nathan Charlton, MD Emergency Medicine
Elizabeth Gaughan, MD Hematology/Oncology, Hem/Onc Subcommittee Chair
Holly Hintz, RN MUSIC Co Chair
John Rowlingson, MD Anesthesiology/Pain Subcommittee chair
Hillary Maitland, MD Anti-coagulation Subcommittee Chair
Matt Jenkins, Pharm D Pharmacy;MUSIC Co-chair
Debra Owens, RN, MSN Women's & Children's
Franklin Hickey, RN, MSN, CPHQ, NEA-BC Primary Care
Justin Smith, MD Psychiatry
Nicholas Mendyka, MSHA CFO, Finance
Christopher Moore, MD Hospitalist
Danielle Griggs, PharmD Pharmacy
Heather Asthagiri, MD Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Joshua King, MD Nephrology
Justin Rizer, MD Housestaff Representative
John Barcia, MD Pediatrics
Carlos Tache Leon, MD Surgery
Brian Wispelwey, MD Infectious Disease; Anti-infective Utilization Committee Chair
Patrick Norton, MD Radiology & Medical Imaging