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Patient Care Consulting Subcommittee


The subcommittee is available to:

  • Designate a non-related surrogate for health care decisions for patients who are not capable decision makers and who have no surrogate available.   The designated surrogates are friends of the patient who know the patient and his/her values, preferences, etc.  These surrogates are not permitted to make decisions regarding withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining therapy (see MC Policy 0024).
  • Allow the decision of the patients' agent for health care decisions over the patient's refusal after the subcommittee has affirmed and documented that the provision, continuation, withholding or withdrawing of the health care is ethically acceptable (see MC Policy 0191).



Robert Boyle, M.D., Chair Pediatrics 
Jeffrey Barth, Ph.D. Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences
Jamieson Bourque, M.D. Cardiology
James Childress, Ph.D. Religious Studies 
Marcia Childress, Ph.D. Humanities in Medicine 
Richard Colquitt, M.D. Anesthesiology Resident
Elizabeth Epstein, RN, Ph.D. School of Nursing Faculty
Lynne Fleming, Esq. General Counsel 
Daryl Gress, M.D. Neurology, Critical Care
Beth Hodsdon, J.D. General Counsel 
Christine Lau, M.D. Surgery
Liza Letzkus, RN KCRC
Jackie Loach, RN Patient Safety
Dea Mahanes, RN Critical Care 
Sue McCoy, MD Community 
Father Nick Minich Community Clergy Representative
Joann Pinkerton, M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology 
William Potts, MSW Social Worker 
Gordon Putnam, D. Min. Chaplaincy
Renu Shah, M.D. Center for Biomedical Ethics
Lois Sheperd, JD Center for Biomedical Ethics 
Annette Norton, CPC, CHC, CHPC Interim Corporate Compliance & Privacy Officer
Cindy Wesley, RN Community Relations