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Operating Room Committee

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Co-Chairs: Kathie Hullfish, MD and Donna Via, RN


The Operating Room Committee (ORC) is an interdisciplinary committee charged to coordinate and standardize the care of patients undergoing surgical or other invasive procedures. This Committee oversees clinical practice related to Pre, Peri and Post procedure care. The specific areas include the main OR (MOR), PACU, SAS, PETC, the outpatient surgical center (OPSC) and the genitourinary (GU) rooms.

The committee is responsible for reviewing budgets and making recommendations on capital expenditure and personnel.  The committee oversees the equitable distribution of resources, including OR tie, within the operative areas to meet the needs of surgical patients with a focus on:  patient safety, quality of care, patient satisfaction and fiscal responsibility.  The ORC has the authority to establish clinical procedures and policy within the MC Operating Rooms, and recommend policy related to those procedures outside of the OR.  The OR Committee is also responsible for incorporating the other Clinical Staff and GME policies into practice.  The ORC must work to assure the goals and objectives of the Health System are met by working collaboratively with the Quality Committee and Patient Safety Committee to monitor and improve care and ensure patient safety. The Associate CMO for Peri-operative Services, in conjunction with the co-Chair of the OR, is responsible for monitoring compliance with policies and procedures within the surgical environment.   Also, the ACMO for Peri-operative Services and the ORC co-chair must work with the Department Chairs and Administrative leadership to assure that personnel, including GME trainees, LIP's, nurses, support staff, working in the surgical environment (PACU, SPD/SS, SAS, PETC, MOR, and OPSC) are held accountable to the policies and procedures of the surgical environment.

To accomplish these committee aims and specific operational objectives of the Peri-operative environment, the ORC is broken down into "working" subcommittees, with the chair of the subcommittees to be appointed by the chair of the Executive Subcommittee of the ORC.  The subcommittee chair will appoint other members of their own subcommittee with advice from the ORC executive group.  Staff Support is provided by OR Administration.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recommends and approves policy and procedures that are specific to the peri-operative areas, MOR and OPSC.
  • Monitors, in conjunction with the chairs and MC administrators, physicians and the MC staff adherence to OR, MC and Clinical Staff policies.
  • Utilizes evidence-based medicine to recommend changes in clinical practice
  • Governs allocation of resources between departments, and where appropriate, surgeons
  • Reviews fiscal budgets and makes recommendations on capital expenditures and personnel hiring
  • Addresses efficiency and costs associated with OR operations
  • Oversees the operation of OPSC working with OPSC directors
  • Provides Institutional oversight and direction for staff and faculty education related to operative and invasive procedures and care of the surgical patient
  • Ensures an effective process for patient and family education related to surgical care and informed consent.
  • Collaborates with other committees to ensure compliance with the Joint Commission and other legal and regulatory standards related to surgical procedures and care of the patient undergoing a surgical procedure.
  • Monitors data related to operative and other invasive procedures, including but not limited to:
    -- appropriateness of procedure
    -- procedural and post procedural complications
    -- tissue review - discrepancy between pre-procedure diagnosis and pathological diagnosis
    -- anesthesia complications
    -- clinical outcomes
    -- patient satisfaction
  • Monitors adherence to policies and procedures
Voting Members  Specialty 
Kathie Hullfish, MD, Co-Chair ACMO, Perioperative Services; OB/GYN
Donna Via, RN, MSN, Co-Chair Administrator, Perioperative Services
Sean Corbett, MD OPSC Medical Co-Director
Mary Dixon, RN, MSN, NEA-BC Interim Chief Nursing Officer 
Brent DeGeorge, MD Plastic Surgery
Liz Hall Director, Surgical Services
John Jane, Jr, MD Neurosurgery
Tracey Krupski, MD Urology
Eugene McGahren, MD Surgery 
Mark Jameson, MD Otolaryngology 
Peter Netland, MD Chair, Ophthalmology
George Rich, MD Anesthesiology 
Adam Shimer, MD Chair, SCOPE Subcommittee
Bruce Schirmer, MD Chair, Tissue Review Subcommittee; Surgery
Ashley Shilling, MD OPSC Medial Co-Director
Mohamed Tiouririne, MD Medical Director, PACU and SAS
Lee Kassell, MD Anesthesiology; Chair, Pt Eval for Surgery Subcommittee
Leigh Cantrell, MD OB/GYN; Chair, Robotics & Computer Navigated Surgery
Martha Zeiger, MD Surgery
Seth Yarboro, MD Orthopedics