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Medication Usage Safety & Informatics Subcommittee


The Medication Usage Safety & Informatics Subcommittee reports to the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

Goals & Responsibilities
Establish a committee process that identifies and prioritizes OFIs (opportunities for improvement) for safe medication practice originating from:
- UVAMC PI Priorities
- Patient Safety Committee
- Trended medication related QRs
- Critical medication safety metrics on MCQD

  • MUSIC will charter and oversee rapid cycle PI teams to achieve prioritized performance improvement opportunities.
  • Partner with HSCS when a new supporting medication process is required, i.e. BCMA, CPOE etc.
  • Create and utilize a formal communication vehicle for safe medication practice in the Medical Center
  • Identify critical medication safety metrics and utilize the MCQD and/or create a MUSIC dashboard to track and charter performance improvement efforts based on data analysis.
  • Prioritize ISMP survey recommendations and charter rapid cycle ad hoc teams to implement the targeted processes. Collect baseline data, analyze current process, identify failure points, test strategies targeted at improvement and implement, using an idea - to action group (iTAG) process improvement template.