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Critical Care Subcommittee


Chair:  Michael Jaeger, MD


The Critical Care Subcommittee is an interdisciplinary subcommittee charged to coordinate and standardize critical care across the Medical Center. This Subcommittee reports to the Patient Care Committee and addresses clinical practice issues that relate to critical care or resuscitation. It has one subcommittee, the Resuscitation Subcommittee.

Membership: Membership includes representation from various Critical Care Units.

Staff support is provided by Patient Care Services.

Meetings: The Critical Care Subcommittee shall meet as deemed necessary by the Chair, but not less than quarterly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Utilizes evidence-based medicine when providing recommendations regarding changes in clinical practice
  • Reviews issues regarding access to critical care units in the Medical Center and recommends remedies when access problems arise
  • Reviews Joint Commission standards, laws and other regulations and recommends alterations in policies and procedures as indicated
  • Provides direction and oversight for the Resuscitation Subcommittee
  • Evaluates outcomes of critical care, prioritizes and recommends opportunities for improvement
  • Evaluates staff competence information and recommends programs or learning activities related to critical care
  • Recommends criteria for competence in the critical care setting
  • Provides regular reports to the Patient Care Committee
  • Annually reviews the Plan for Provision of Care and makes recommendation for change

Current Members

Members  Specialty
James Bergin, MD Cardiology 
Kathleen Bledsoe, Pharm D Pharmacy 
Kathy Butler, RN Surgery/Trauma Program 
Rick Carpenter, RN, MSN Manager, MICU
Jeannean Carver, MD Pediatrics
Andrea Caulfield, RN, MSN Adult Critical Care
Jim Darin Administrator, Respiratory Therapy 
Chris Ghaemmaghami, MD Chief Medical Officer
Michael Jaeger, MD, Chair Medical Director, TCVPO 
Mark Adams, RN, BSN Manager, CCU 
Stuart Lawson, MD Medical Director, STBICU 
David Mercer, RN, MSN Critical Care Procedure Committee 
Tanya Prachar, RN, MSN NNICU
Robert Sawyer, MD Medical Director, STBICU 
Jim Shuke, RT Respiratory Therapy
Robert Sinkin, MD Medical Director, NICU 
Crystal Toll, RN, MSN Nursing Education, IMU
George Verghese, MD Medical Director, MSICU & MICU
Brenda Via, RN, BSN MSICU
Marcia White, RN, MSN Manager, TCVPO 
Deb Wilmoth, RN Patient Safety
Jeff Young, MD Chief, Patient Safety & Risk Management