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Clinical Research Subcommittee

Co-Chairs:  Lori Elder, RN, BSN, CCRA

The Clinical Research Subcommittee performs a liaison and coordination function for research activities supported by data and/or components of the EHR. Specifically, it insures appropriate research access to EHR data, approves and prioritizes that access when required, and assures alignment between the clinical and research use of data. It recommends strategies for the use of the EHR to recruit research subjects, including the use of BPAs, and to solicit information from patients for research purposes (for example, patient surveys). It also seeks to optimize the efficiency of clinical research supported by the EHR, in alignment with clinical needs, and it works with the research activities of the SOM to identify research opportunities using EHR data.

Lori Elder, RN, Co-Chair SOM Clinical Trials
Jared Christophel, MD Otolaryngology
Linda Duska, MD OB/GYN
Nathan Fountain, MD Neurology
Christopher Keith, RN HSTS/Epic
Johanna Loomba, BS Neurosurgery
Jennifer Phillips, RN Surgery
Beth Ann Quatrara, RN Surgical Services
Jim Harrison, MD Public Health Sciences