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Clinical Radiation Safety Committee

Chair:  John F. Angle, MD
Administration:  , MS


The specific charges of the committee are:

  • Ensure that users are appropriately credentialed and are using ionizing radiation sources safely.  Fulfilling this charge includes a review of training programs, equipment, and procedures;
  • Ensure that ionizing radiation sources are used in compliance with regulations, the institutional licenses, UVA HS policy, specific requirements and generally accepted standards;
  • Establish acceptable credentials, training and refresher training, for those requesting fluoroscopy use status;
  • Ensure that the use of ionizing radiation sources is consistent with the As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) philosophy and program;
  • Ensure that the installation of Radiation Producing Equipment (RPE) is consistent with UVA HS environment of care and State of Virginia regulations;
  • Establish additional baselines and trigger levels for both occupational and patient radiation exposures/doses to supplement the ongoing University-wide ALARA program.
  • Establish Quality Initiatives including benchmarks for compliance of safety initiatives.
  • Make recommendations to the organization to ensure the infrastructure of the CSRC is appropriately resourced to be compliant with the charges of the committee.

The committee reports both to the Clinical Staff Executive Committee (CSEC) and to the University Radiation Safety Committee (UVA-RSC).  The University holds a broad scope license with State of Virginia, for the use of RAM. Environmental Health and Safety via the UVA-RSC, is responsible for the institutional oversight of radiation safety, as well as the security and handling of RAM to administer and protect the license.