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Children's Hospital Patient & Family Centered Care Subcommittee


The Children's Hospital (CH) Patient an Family-Centered Care Subcommittee is an interdisciplinary committee responsible for the promotion of family-centered care.  The philosophy of family centered care recognizes the importance of patient and family involvement in health care decision making and encourages a spirit of partnership between patients, families and health care professionals.

This subcommittee reports directly to the Children's Hospital Clinical Practice Committee and is charged to develop specific recommendations for involving families and children in decision-making, program development, and practices throughout the Children's Hospital.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Inform the CH community of the tenets of Patient and Family-Centered Care and how they influence practice
  • Support emerging and ongoing efforts toward becoming increasingly patient and family-centered in daily practices
  • Alert the CH community of current practice in Patient and Family-Centered Care outside of our community, and bring about innovation in this area of practice
  • Provide patients and family members opportunities to participate in all levels of decision making from bedside to planning committees and policy making within the CH


Carolyn Craig Facilitator
Lynn McDaniel, M.D. Pediatrics
Mary Saville Parent, on CPC Committee
Nancy McDaniel, M.D. Pediatrics
Janet Allaire, MA, SLP KCRC
Kimberly Garofalo Volunteer Services
Michelle Flynn Parent on CPC Committee
Shirley Allen Hospital Education