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Cancer Committee


Administrative Contact: 
Chair: Mark Jameson, MD


The Cancer Committee oversees the cancer care delivered within the Medical Center and reports to the Clinical Staff Executive Committee.  The Committee promotes a coordinated multidisciplinary approach to patient care management and ensures that an active, supportive care system is in place for patients, families and staff, and will follow the requirements outlined in the most current American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer Program Standards.

Membership: The Cancer Committee shall be composed of at least one board certified Physician representative from Surgery, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Diagnostic Radiology, Pathology and Cancer Liaison Physician.  Non-physician membership includes Administration, Nursing, Social Services, Cancer Registry, and Quality Assurance.

Staff support is provided by Cancer Center Administration.

Meetings: The Cancer Committee shall meet as necessary but at least quarterly.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborates with institutional committees and departments
  • Develops and evaluates the annual goals and objectives for the clinical educational and programmatic activities related to cancer
  • Ensures that educational and consultative cancer conferences cover all major sites and related issues
  • Ensures that an active supportive care system is in place for patient families and staff
  • Monitors, manages and improves performance through completion of initiatives that focus on quality, access to care and outcomes
  • Promotes clinical research
  • Supervises the cancer registry and ensures accurate and timely abstracting, staging and follow-up reporting
  • Monitors quality control of cancer registry data
  • Encourages data usage and regular reporting
  • Provides an annual report prior to November 1 that meets required ACOS standards
  • Upholds medical ethical standards

Current Members

 Members  Specialty
Mark Jameson, MD, PhD, Chair Otolaryngology
Reid Adams, MD Director, Clinical Cancer Services
Adrienne Banavage, RN Quality Improvement Coordinator
Mildred Best, MDiv Chaplaincy & Pastoral Education
Leslie Blackhall, MD Palliative Care
Michael Borton, MBA Hope Cancer Clinics
David Brenin, MD Surgical Oncology
Paula Capobianco, LCSW Social Work
Emanuel Cirenza, MD Community Site Physician
Kathy DeGregory, PharmD Pharmacy
Patrick Dillon, MD Hematology/Oncology
Linda Duska, MD OB/GYN
Michael Hanley, MD Diagnostic Radiologist
Carole Havrila, RD Nutritional Services
Lisa Huntzinger, MSN Oncology Nurse
Elizabeth Daniels, RN Oncology Nurse
Lindsay Hauser, MS Community Outreach
Christopher Moskaluk, MD Pathology
April Bowles, CTR Cancer Registry
Kim Penberthy, PhD Psych Services
Gina Petroni, PhD Public Health Services
Paul Read, MD Radiation Oncology
Tracey Gosse, MSN, RN-BC Breast Program
Stefan Gorsch, MD Community Site Physician
Gospova Radakoic Clinical Research
Pat Gaspard Breast Center
Jane Johnson ACS Representative
Andy Poole Rehab Services
Jody Reyes, MSBA, BSN, OCN Administrator, Cancer Center
Kathleen Rogers, CTR Cancer Registry
Shayna Showalter, MD Surgical Oncology
Brandy Teel Community Sites Representative
Martha Thomas, MSk CGC Genetic Counselor
Michael Williams, MD Hematology/Oncology
Zimin Zhao, MD Pathology