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AHP Credentials Committee




The Allied Health Professionals Subcommittee is responsible for assessing the qualification of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) to provide health care services within the Health System and to be granted privileges commensurate with education, training, and experience.  The AHP Subcommittee will make recommendations to the Credentials Committee for action in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Clinical Staff Credentialing and Privileging manual and Resource Guide and Medical Center Policies.

Duties and Responsibilities



  • Oversees the credentialing and privileging for AHPs to ensure that data related to qualifications and performance is collected and regularly assessed
  • Ensures that information from peer review processes and performance improvement data collection is assessed and considered for each applicant who will be providing patient care as an allied health professional within the Health System
  • Works cooperatively with programs in determining appropriate privileges for AHPs        
  • Refers AHPS to the Employee Assistance Program.
  • Recommends applicants for appointment and reappointment for AHP privileges within the Health System
  • Participates in investigations of and fair hearing process involving AHPs
  • Conducts an annual review of credentialing/recredentialing policies and procedures to comply with Joint Commission and other regulatory standards.



The AHP Credentials Credentials Subcommittee shall meet monthly or as otherwise deemed necessary by the Chair.  Currently, the AHP Credentials Subcommittee occur on the first Tuesday of every month.