The Graduate Medical Education Committee oversees the quality of GME trainees' training and working environment within the institution and the participating sites as regulated by the accreditation agencies, such as ACGME, AMA, AMC, NRMP.

Membership: The Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education will serve as Chair.  Voting members of the GMEC include a representative sample of program directors from the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) programs, two peer selected GME trainees, the Chief Quality Improvement Officer, and the Chief Patient Safety Officer of UVA Medical Center.

Staff support is provided by the GME Office.

Meetings: The Graduate Medical Education Committee shall meet monthly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the quality of educational experiences in each program that lead to measurable outcomes as identified in the accreditation agencies’ requirements;
  • Monitor each program’s annual evaluation and improvement activities;
  • Review and approve the GME policies and procedures;
  • Review and approve the recommendations to the institution’s administration regarding the GME trainee stipend and benefits;
  • Review and approve the appointment of new program directors;
  • Review and approve requests for a new program, changes in program structure, or complement changes;
  • Monitor addition or deletion of the participating sites and ensure the quality of educational experiences in the approved participating sites;
  • Review progress reports or appeals of an adverse action by a Review Committee;
  • Establishes effective lines of communication with house staff to stay informed of issues that affect them; acts upon major issues of concern;
  • Provides an annual report to the Clinical Staff Executive Committee and to the Medical Center Operating Board 



Susan Kirk, M.D.

Chair, DIO, Associate Dean for GME

Brad Kesser, M.D.                          

Associate DIO, Otolaryngology

Jeff Jenkins, M.D.

Vice-Chair, PM&R

Wendy Novicoff, Ph.D.                               

Chief Patient Safety and Quality Officer

Courtney Lattimore, M.D.

Housestaff Council Co-presidents

Joseph Mock, M.D.

Housestaff Council Co-presidents

Robin Ulep, M.D.

HC for Diversity and Inclusion

George McDaniel, M.D.                                

Chair, Education Committee

John Gazewood, M.D.                            

Chair, Policy Committee

Aileen Watchko

Chair, Program Coordinators Council

Monica Lawrence, M.D.

Allergy and Immunology

Julie Huffmyer M.D.            

Anesthesiology Residency

Mildred Best, M.Div.

Chaplaincy Residency

Lavika Mor, DDS

Dentistry Residency

Barrett Zlotoff, M.D.                   

Dermatology Residency

Amita Sudhir. M.D.            

Emergency Medicine Residency

Debra Perina, M.D.

Emergency Medical Services Fellowship

Brian Uthlaut M.D.                            

Medicine Residency

Nicole Chiota-McCullum, M.D.                                

Neurology Residency

John A Jane, Jr., M.D.            

Neurological Surgery Residency

Leigh Cantrell, M.D.

Obstetrics/Gynecology Residency

Zeynel Karcioglu, M.D.

Ophthalmology Residency

Winston Gwathmey, M.D.                  

Orthopedic Surgery Residency

Anne Mills, M.D.

Pathology Residency

Barrett Barnes, M.D.

Pediatrics Residency

Brooke Vergales, M.D.

Neonatology Fellowship

Jon Black, M.D.

Plastic Surgery Residency

Zach Dameron, III, M.D.               

Psychiatry Residency

Vishal Madaan, M.D.

Psychiatry-Child & Adolescent

Juliana Bueno, M.D.                     

Radiology-Diagnostic Residency

Minhaj Khaja, M.D.

Interventional Radiology Fellowship

Einsley Jonowski, M.D.                              

Radiation Oncology Residency

Charles Friel, M.D.

Surgery Residency

Megan Trach, M.D.

Vascular Surgery

John Kern, M.D.                           

Thoracic Surgery Residency

Noah Schenkman, M.D.

Urology Residency

Diane Farineau

GMEO Representative

Sarah Oh, Ph.D.

GMEO Representative