The specific charges of the committee are:

    • Maintain a diverse group of providers to assure valid representation for decision making.
    • Assure there is consistent and diverse provider input and endorsement for modifications and enhancements to the EHR.
    • Leverage this group to provide CSEC with clarity around provider endorsement and concerns for those items that are brought forward to them.
    • Provide input into the development of HIT initiative priorities for the provider community.
    • Participate in the review, evaluation, and prioritization of the development and implementation of significant modifications to the EHR, such as those available in upgrades. 
    • Make decisions on the scope of deployment for EHR changes, where a function is developed for one area but the committee agrees to deploy more broadly.
    • Develop recommendations to the organization about operational opportunities and practices, such as clinical workflow, that would support enhanced capture, display and reporting of clinical information.
    • Make recommendations to the organization about the education and training of clinicians around the use of the EHR and in relation to specific implementations.

Scope of responsibility and influence, i.e., policy review/development

  • Evaluate issues identified by the subcommittees that report to CITOC and make decisions that are in the best interest of the Health System.
  • Collaborate with individuals and groups throughout the Health System to ensure decisions about the EHR encompass the input of all relevant stakeholders.
  • Review EHR training procedures and recommend revisions where appropriate.
  • Assure changes to the EHR promote data integrity and facilitate clinical reporting.
  • Review the efficacy and outcomes of EHR interventions and recommend changes based on that information.
  • Identify and review best practices and strategies for the optimal use of the EHR and delineate and prioritize means of implementing these practices and strategies.
  • Report to CSEC on current activities and escalate appropriate items to that group with recommendations for the most appropriate solution (s).

Voting Membership:

Robin Parkin

Co-Chair CITO

Michael A. Williams

Co-Chair CIMO

Regina Verde

Chief Compliance Officer

Veronica Brill

Chief Nursing Officer

JJ Sullivan

UPG Compliance Officer                                

Kate Bakich

Administrator, IT Service Mgmt


Administrator, IT Applications

James Fiebert

Administrator, Pharmacy Services

Chris Allison

Administrator, Professional Billing

Brent McGhee

Administrator, Revenue Cycle

Bryan Thorne

Co-Chair CIS

Tracey Justus

Co-Chair CIS

Jason Lyman

Co-Chair CDS

Jamie Hughes

C0-Chair CDS

Scottie Frey

Co-Chair HIMS

Martha Hellems

Co-Chair HIMS

Bhiken Naik

Anesthesia –                                      

Brian Hoard

Dentistry -  Physician Advisor            

  Mark Russell

Dermatology- Physician Advisor

John Riordan

Emergency Med- Physician Advisor   

Patrick McGarey

ENT- Physician Advisor

Becky Compton 

Family Medicine- Physician Advisor

Stewart Babbott

General Med- Physician Advisor

Ira Helenius

General Med- Physician Advisor

John Voss

General Med- Physician Advisor

Binit Shah

Neurology – Physician Advisor

 Hasan Syed

Neuro Surgery Physician Advisor


ObGyn Physician Advisor

Arjun Dirghangi

Ophthalmology Physician Advisor

Aaron Frelich

Orthopedics- Physician Advisor

Jim Harrison

Pathology – Physician Advisor

Bryan Thorne

Pediatrics – Physician Advisor

Jeremy Benedetti

Plastic Surgery- Physician Advisor


PM&R – Physician Advisor

Bruce Cohen

Psychiatry- Physician Advisor

Cree Gaskin

Radiology - Physician Advisor

Tim Showalter

Rad Oncology- Physician Advisor


Surgery- Physician Advisor

Sumit Isharwal

Urology- Physician Advisor








Other HIT Directors

Glenn Wasson