The UVA Children's Hospital (CH) Clinical Practice Committee is an interdisciplinary committee responsible for the review, coordination, and submission of policies and practices that directly impact all aspects of the clinical and family-centered care of children.  This committee has met ten (10) times this fiscal year.

This Committee reports directly to the Clinical Staff Executive Committee (CSEC) and is charged to:

  • Serve as an action-oriented and advisory committee for other CSEC Committees regarding children's issues
  • Approve policies for issues that solely concern or impact children and family-centered care within the Health System
  • Work collaboratively with all other CSEC Committees to protect against parallel or contradictory policies or practice being enacted within the Health System
  • Develop, communicate, implement and oversee patient and family-centered care policies and practices for the Health System
  • Respond to the Patient and Family-Centered Care Sub-Committees recommendations by involving families and children in decision-making, customer service, program development, and practices throughout the Health System

This charge remains unchanged.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reviews and recommends practice standards for the care of children in a family-centered care environment across the continuum of care
  • Provides direction and oversight for an effective patient and family-centered care education process
  • Provides organizational guidance regarding faculty, staff, resident, nursing, and other clinician training and competency for the clinical care of children in a family-centered care environment
  • Approves clinical procedures, protocols, and guidelines that directly impact the care of children
  • When clinical policies or guidelines affect all areas of the Children's Hospital, maintains written policies and procedures
  • Reviews and makes recommendations to clinical policies submitted by other standing CSEC Committees to ensure practices relating to children's issues are addressed appropriately
  • Solicits and reviews the minutes and reports generated from the various CSEC Committees and Subcommittees; provides feedback and makes recommendations as required; and communicates information to CH faculty and staff
  • Provides direction and oversight for the Patient Family Advisory Committees throughout the Children’s Hospital
  • Charges interdisciplinary ad-hoc workgroups as needed to assess, develop and make recommendations regarding policy and practices issues for the care of children in a family-centered care environment
  • Approves and communicates criteria for competence in the various CH patient care settings and adherence to patient and family-centered care standards
  • Collaborates with the CH Regional Team for Quality and Safety to monitor and improve patient care.


Current Membership


Clark, Carol

Peds Surgery OR Rep – Nurse Manager

Chisholm, Chris

L & D Medical Director

Daugherty, Reza

Radiology Rep

Dillon, Amber

PICU Rep – Nurse Manager

Green, Teresa

Pediatric Ambulatory- Director

Harmon, William

PICU Rep – Medical Director

Hasemann, Angie Bayliss

Nutrition Rep

Hicks, Tim

CH Respiratory Therapy Manager

Lepore, Sarah

PNSO Clinical Practice Chair

Lunsford, Kelly J

Lead Pharmacist

McDaniel, Lynn

Co-Chair, 7Acute Rep Medical Director

McGahren, Gene

Pediatric Surgeon in Chief- MD Pediatric Surgery

McGhee, Linda

Acute Care Pediatrics Rep – Nurse Manager

Mendoza, Joanne

7 Acute MD Rep

Miller, Joy

Lead APP Peds Rep

Miller, Sally

Lead APP Women’s Inpatient and Peds Ambulatory Rep

Murphy, Kerri

Clinical Program Coordinator – Compliance/Risk

Longo, Robin

Mother Baby Manager

Nataro, James

Chair, Dept of Pediatrics, Ex officio member

Nauman, Rachel

NICU Rep – Nurse Manager

Ollson, John

Newborn Medical Director

Owens, Debra

Co-chair, Director CH/W Inpatient Services

Pearsall, Megan

Chair, Nursing Practice

Schortemeyer, Rachael

Pediatric Pharmacy Rep

Sinkin, Rob


Skeen, Karin

Service Line Lead, Ex officio member

Swanson, Jonathan

NICU Rep and Quality Chief

Thompson, Joyce

Patient and Family-Centered Care Manager

Tucker, James

Child Psychiatry Rep

Tyree, Felisha

Labor and Delivery Manager

Wells, Lynda / Castro, Barb

Pediatric Anesthesiology

Woods, William

Emergency Department – Pediatric Director