The Bylaws Committee shall ensure that the Bylaws of the Clinical Staff are consistent with the Medical Center’s operational needs, current Joint Commission Standards, applicable CMS Conditions of Participation, and other CMS requirements and the policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of the Medical Center.

Membership: The President of the Clinical Staff shall serve as Chair.

Staff Support is provided by the Clinical Staff Office

Meetings: The Bylaws Committee shall meet as necessary but at least annually.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reviews the Clinical Staff Bylaws on at least an annual basis
  • Reviews proposed bylaw amendments that may be proposed by Members of the Clinical Staff
  • Develops draft revisions and recommendations regarding proposed amendments to the Bylaws
  • Presents proposed bylaw revisions to the Clinical Staff Executive Committee and the Medical Center Operating Board for review and approval
  • Ensures access to the Clinical Staff Bylaws for the Members of the Clinical Staff
  • Provides an annual report to the Clinical Staff Executive Committee
  • Reviews new and revised regulations and laws and recommends revisions to the bylaws as indicated

Current Members

Voting Members Specialty/Area
Scott Syverud, MD President, Clinical Staff
Margaret Tracci, MD Vice President, Clinical Staff
Tracey Krupski, MD Surgical Specialties Representative
Chris Chisholm, MD OB/GYN
Taison Bell, MD Medical Specialties Representative
Chris Ghaemmaghami, MD Hospital-Based Specialties Representative
Reid Adams, MD CMO; Emergency Department
Martha Peck, CRNA APP Representative
Tracey Hoke, MD Chief, Quality & Performance Improvement
Susan Pollart, MD, MS Sr. Assoc Dean for Faculty Affairs/Development
Stewart Babbott, MD Primary Care Representative
Non-Voting Members Specialty/Area
Stephanie Allen Director, Clinical Staff Office
Carol Craig Administration
Jennifer Slaughter General Counsel