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Novel Therapy Subcommittee

Chair: , PharmD

The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee is an interdisciplinary committee charged with the institutional oversight for the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical and other therapeutic products.  This Committee reports to the Clinical Staff Executive Committee and is authorized to develop and maintain a Medical Center Formulary that is financially responsible and clinically effective. 

As a result of the complex pharmaceutical marketplace, many novel therapies are entering the market at extremely high costs. To ensure these new pharmaceuticals are evaluated appropriately at a clinical and financial level, there is a need for a subcommittee to review these novel therapeutic agents and consider how it fits into the resources available from the Medical Center. As a result, the Novel Therapy Subcommittee will meet this need.

The Novel Therapy Subcommittee is responsible for evaluating new pharmaceutical requests from a financial and resource utilization perspective. This Subcommittee will evaluate the request in relation to the mission and vision of the Medical Center. Considerations for the evaluation include pharmaceutical expense, labor utilization and requests, specialty pharmacy pathways, billing methodologies, payor relationships and contracting, and others considerations as applicable.