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CSEC Standing Committees and Subommittees

Committees Reporting to CSEC

CSEC Organizational Chart

Nominating Committee

Bylaws Committee

Cancer Committee

Patient Safety & Quality Committee
Safety & Security Subcommittee
Nursing Quality Subcommittee
Infection Prevention and Control Subcommittee

Credentials Committee
AHP Peer Evaluation Subcommittee
Clinician Wellness Subcommittee
Professional Practice Evaluation Subcommittee

Peer Support and Triage Subcommittee

GME Committee
GME Education Subcommittee
GME Policy Subcommittee
GME Stipend and Benefits Subcommittee 
GME Clinical Learning Environment Review Subcommittee

Ethics Committee
Patient Care Consulting Subcommittee

Children's Hospital Clinical Practice Committee
Children's Patient & Family Centered Care Subcommittee

Patient Grievance Committee

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
Medication Usage Safety & Informatics Subcommittee
Anticoagulation Subcommittee
Anti-infective Utilization Subcommittee
Drug Shortage Task Force Subcommittee
Hematology/Oncology Subcommittee
Pain Subcommittee  
Novel Therapy Subcommittee



Operating Room Committee
Executive OR Subcommittee
Block Allocation Subcommittee
Perioperative Patient Flow Subcommittee
Patient Evaluation for Surgery Subcommittee
Perioperative Regional Quality Subcommittee
Robotics & Computer Navigated Surgery Subcommittee
Tissue Review Subcommittee
Children's Surgery Subcommittee
New Product/Equipment Review Subcommittee
Outpatient Surgery Subcommittee
Capital Budget Subcommittee

Clinical Information Technology Oversight Committee
Clinical Informatics Subcommittee
Clinical Decision Support Subcommittee
Clinical Reporting and Analytics Subcommittee
Health Information Management Subcommittee
Clinical Research Subcommittee

Patient Care Committee
Ambulatory Care Subcommittee
Critical Care Subcommittee
Medical Emergency Response Subcommittee
Patient & Family Education Subcommittee
Radioactive Drug Research Subcommittee
Acute Care Subcommittee
Laboratory Utilization Subcommittee
Transfusion Subcommittee
Procedural Sedation Subcommittee

Clinical Radiation Safety Committee