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Get Well Care (closed until further notice)

Parent's Guide to Health Issues in the Child Care Center

Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM


MCget wellGet Well Care is designed to serve mildly ill children who are enrolled in the Child Care Center.  Children may be cared for in Get Well Care when their symptoms/ illness excludes them from the classroom,  when they do not feel well enough to participate in classroom activities,  or when they are recuperating  from an illness or surgery and need additional rest or a decreased activity level.

There are two rooms in Get Well Care so children with two different illnesses can be cared for at the same time. Children in Get Well Care are grouped by symptoms or diagnosis instead of by age.

Get Well Care is staffed by a pediatric nurse at all times. Teachers from the Center assist when necessary and available.

Because the nurse must be present whenever Get Well Care is open, the hours are 8:00 AM  to 4:30 PM, which allows thirty minutes after closing to clean the rooms and get them ready for the next day.

Children with Chickenpox may not be cared for in Get Well Care because the rooms do not have  a separate ventilation system that vents to the outside.

Children in Get Well Care are provided opportunities for developmentally appropriate play, quiet time, which may include watching videos, and rest time.



When a child becomes ill during her/his day at the Center, if there is space available in Get Well Care, parents will be offered the option of picking the child up within the hour or transferring the child to Get Well Care and picking the child up by 4:30 PM.

To request care in Get Well Care for a child who becomes ill at home, a parent must call 924-2907 to see if there is space and staffing available. Tentative reservations can be made for the next day but every parent who has made a tentative reservation must call in the early morning to confirm that the child still needs Get Well Care and that the space is available or to notify staff that the child does not need Get Well Care. This is necessary so space is not being held for a child who is well and going back to class or whose parent has decided to keep the child home. This will allow us to admit another child to that space.


When a child is admitted to Get Well Care, the parent will be responsible for completing Get Well Care forms which give pertinent information for contacting the parents as well as information on the child which is used to formulate a care plan for the day.