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UVA Health System Employee Deaths: Bereavement Response Protocol

Protocol:  There is significant recognition that having a written guideline for institutional bereavement response in the event of an active employee death is important. This document outlines responsibilities, contact information and a menu of options for bereavement response with the belief being that the basic response should be consistent across areas of the University of Virginia Health System.

Initiation: Human Resources (HR), Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP), and Chaplaincy Services and Pastoral Education agree that the area receiving the call about an employee death will immediately contact the other two departments to alert them. Chaplains are present 24/7 so one will go to the unit/department experiencing the loss to better assess the situation and their needs and preferences for response. The area manager will have significant input into the response and timing with guidance from Chaplains and/or FEAP. The Chaplain will remind the manager to notify his/her Administrator and Chief.

Response Options Might Include:

  • FEAP presence for individual support;
  • Chaplain presence for individual support;
  • FEAP grief handouts and brochure distribution:
The Manager's Guide to Grief
The Grieving Coworker
When a Coworker Dies

 Standard Responsibilities (click links below):

(Protocol created November, 2013)