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Chaplain Resident Service Assignments

Chaplain Residents are given pastoral/spiritual care coverage assignments for one or more clinical areas serving a specific patient population (i.e. heart or cancer patients, obstetrics, etc.) Please click on the link above to view coverage assignments and resident contact information (Adobe Acrobat required). Certified ACPE Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisors work with each Chaplain Resident to determine which clinical areas best utilize their skills and interests while enhancing their learning experience.

Chaplain Residents are assigned to a clinical service for one year, to insure continuity of patient and family care and staff support.  In this way, Residents become integrated into the medical interdisciplinary team. Residents partner with each other so that if one is absent, another is available to provide coverage. This gives each Resident strong experience in a second medical service.

Through the on-call program, Residents are able to provide care to any area of the Health System. At the end of the Residency year, our Residents are able to claim intensive experience on at least two specialty services as well as all other services.

Each Faculty member in the Department of Chaplaincy Services and Pastoral Education also serves as a Faculty Liaison for a variety of the medical services. The Faculty Liaison provides some administrative oversight to the Resident's ministry on the clinical care unit(s) and may provide additional support and resources to the clinical units. Chaplain Residents are expected to coordinate services and information with the respective Faculty Liaison.