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Unit / Department Positive Practice Ideas

  • Huddle “Shout Out”
  • High Five (incoming to outgoing shift)
  • Appreciation Board in the STBICU
  • “Stickie’s of Sensationalism”
  • Gratitude Journal collective
  • Appreciative Check IN – start meetings with "what's gone well this week?"
  • Positive Pause during M&M: what went well
  • Rescue Step for M&M: what kept this from being the worst outcome?
  • Wall of Fame – post pictures and letters when former patients come back to visit
  • Positive M&M: 1 M&M out of 4 focused on a case that went really well, dissecting that for best practices
  • Leadership Rounds Shout Out
  • Point out the positives Friday: collective email “shout outs” every fridayHu
  • Good Catch Emails
  • Good Catch – Fish Bowl
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Environmental Prompts: 
  • Group Emails – Go out every day, or 3 days a week, everyone on the group list provides 3-5 things they are grateful for
  • Good Catch: Teams can vote, or there can be a drawing and team members get a coffee card, other prizes once a week/once a month etc.…..