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BE WISE Overview

Be Wise is a health system initiative designed to help team members be their best at work. Acting wisely is doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, for the right reason. It means living our ASPIRE values, and in the high stakes, high-stress environment of health care, it’s not easy! Our patients count on us to be our best, to do the right thing for them each and every day. With the right tools, the right environment, and teamwork, we can strive for wisdom in this important work we do.

Be Wise helps team members to:

• Increase their resilience

• Recognize stress and employ stress first aid strategies to mitigate the negative effects of stress

• Recognize and reduce unnecessary stressors in the workplace so that team members can function optimally

Fundamental to the Be Wise approach is what is known as the stress continuum. The stress continuum is used to understand the stress load of work-centers and individuals. It is a non- stigmatizing model that enhances dialogs about stress challenges within the workplace.