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Weight Loss and Exercise

Health Goals for Participant A
Provider Suggested Goals:
To lose 15-20 lbs
My SMART health goal(s) is/are (Specific, Measureable, Actionbased,
Realistic, T ime-lined):
Category: Diet & Exercise|Weight|Weight loss
To achieve improved health by losing weight. My weight on Jan 2, 2018 is
218 lbs. My goal weight is to be between 198 lbs and 203 lbs by
December 14, 2018. During this time I will report my weight to my
advocate monthly by weighing in on the BeWell scale.
Goal Plan:
1. Buy ingredients and meal prep on weekends
2. Plan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
3. Research and incorporate the Mediterranean Diet and cut down on
4. Incorporate new recipes and track calorie intake on Fit Bit
5. Weigh in once a month on BeWell office scale to help stay on track
Category: Diet & Exercise|Exercise|Exercise & physical activity
To improve my health by exercising. Starting January 2, 2018 I will
exercise for at least 30 minutes (7,000 steps or a 30 minute workout) at
least 5 times a week. I will record the days I exercise on my FitBit and
will provide it to my advocate monthly. I will continue to implement this
plan through December 14, 2018.
Goal Plan:
1. Use FitBit to increase motivation to exercise
2. Drink a minimum of 64 oz of water a day
3. Go to the gym if unable to walk outside due to inclement weather
I understand my second incentive will be contingent upon the completion
and achievement of the SMART goal(s) listed above.