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2019 FAQs


BeWell Frequently Asked Questions

What is BeWell and how is it staffed?

  • The UVA Health Plan has contracted with BeWell, a department within UVA Medical Center, to provide services to improve employee health and well-being.
  • Benefits include: a dedicated patient advocate, coordination of care with your provider, a medication consult, behavioral health counseling and access to a variety of resources,including exercise classes, assistance with tobacco cessation and weight loss and prediabetes programs — to name a few. Your patient advocate is ready to connect you with the resources that will work with your lifestyle and benefit you most to ensure your success.
  • The BeWell team is made up of a small group of data analysts, an assigned compliance officer, physicians, nurses, counselors, administrative staff and patient advocates.


What is the difference between BeWell and Hoo’s Well?

  • Hoo’s Well is the University’s comprehensive wellness offering. BeWell is a wellness movement under the guidance of your healthcare provider and devoted to the personalized health and well-being of UVA and UVA Health System team members. BeWell is an outcomes-based program whereas Hoo’s Well is a participatory-based program. You can, however, participate in Hoo’s Well and BeWell at the same time.
  • Employees and spouses on the UVA Health Plan are eligible for BeWell, a wellness movement created with you at the center of care. Using recommendations from a meeting with your healthcare provider and risk stratifications to determine a personalized care plan, participants will work with a dedicated patient advocate to set personal health and wellness goals. Every relationship developed focuses on your needs and is geared to help you find resources and achieve your goals. In addition to the health and wellness benefits, there are monetary rewards you can earn through the program.


How do I earn rewards for BeWell?

  • Employees and spouses on the UVA Health Plan who are eligible for BeWell will be rewarded up to $300 for achieving set/agree-up goals. Rewards are considered taxable income. Grant-funded postdoctoral fellows, retirees, and COBRA enrollees are not eligible for monetary rewards. You or the subscriber must be employed and on the UVA Health Plan at the time of the rewards payout.
  • Each participant will need to follow these steps to be eligible for the first BeWell reward:
    • Accept the BeWell invitation and complete the SDoH survey tool.
    • After January 15, 2019, complete the health risk assessment (HRA) through the Hoo’s Well portal for $100.
    • Complete an enrollment phone call with your patient advocate.
    • See your provider once a year and submit provider recommendations to your advocate.
    • After January 15, 2019, upload BeWell exam information to Hoo’s Well portal for $200.
    • Speak with a UVA pharmacist to complete a medication consult (includes over-the-counter medications).
    • Complete a goal-setting phone call with your patient advocate (must include provider recommendations).
    • Return signed/agreed-upon health goals sheet to your advocate.
    • Complete required follow-up calls with your patient advocate and provide supporting documentation.
  • Each participant is required to successfully achieve all set and agreed-to goals, provide documentation and complete required follow-up calls in order to receive the $300 goal completion incentive.


Why did I receive this invitation?

  • UVA Health System and the University of Virginia have implemented BeWell, an employee population health management program, for the purpose of improving the health and well- being of our team members and reducing healthcare costs for the UVA Health Plan. All employees and spouses on the UVA Health Plan who are eligible for BeWell based on health risk stratification were invited.


Did UVA Medical Center employees look at my UVA Health Plan data?

  • A small team of BeWell data analysts applied algorithms to the data to analyze and determine your personalized care program. As part of this program, no other Medical Center employees are authorized to look at your data, with the exception of your patient advocate, should you decide to participate in BeWell.
  • Upon your consent to participate, your BeWell patient advocate will receive your data analysis results (but not your Health Plan claims data) and your biometric screening results to work with you on your BeWell health goals.
    • Please be assured that we are mindful of your privacy; BeWell will not review your data for any purpose except the BeWell program.


What UVA Health Plan data was reviewed?

  • Health plan claims and Hoo’s Well health risk assessment (HRA).


How are you able to look at health plan data?

  • Because you are a member of the UVA Health Plan, the plan (and the BeWell program as the plan’s program provider), can review your data to conduct health management initiatives. Under HIPAA guidelines, the UVA Health Plan is allowed to exchange data with a business associate (the BeWell program) for purpose of improving the health of plan participants.


Who at the Medical Center had access to my UVA Health Plan data prior to my  enrollment?

  • At this point in the process, only the small BeWell data team has had access to your data. All BeWell staff, as employees of UVA Medical Center and providers of BeWell services to health plan participants, must abide by HIPAA policies and procedures regarding privacy of health information for UVA Medical Center and the health plan.


Is my physician aware of this program?

  • Many UVA and community providers have been involved with the BeWell program. Each year, various community providers attend a BeWell physician briefing session; UVA Health System representatives are also visiting many physician offices in the community.


With the BeWell program, who has access to my EPIC record? Will my BeWell information go into EPIC?

  • Upon your consent and when appropriate, the BeWell care team, which includes physicians, nurses, counselors, and patient advocates, will access your EPIC record for the purpose of improving your health. BeWell exams and pharmacy consults are all part of the EPIC record. All BeWell staff, as employees of UVA Medical Center and providers of BeWell services to the health plan, must abide by UVA Medical Center and the health plan’s HIPAA policies and procedures regarding privacy of health information.


What if I don’t use a UVA primary care physician? Will my data be stored in EPIC?

  • Your consent to participate in BeWell includes an agreement that you will sign up for EPIC.
  • If you are currently a patient of a UVA physician and do not have a MyChart® account, we encourage you to sign up in advance of your BeWell enrollment at mychartuva.com. Enrollment is fast and free of charge.


What about pharmacy services?

  • Your enrollment in BeWell may include a consultation with a UVA pharmacist. If you would like to make UVA Pharmacy your primary pharmacy, the UVA pharmacist can assist you with this process.