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Bylaws & Guidelines

The shared governance model practiced by the PNSO is guided by two sets of documents, the Bylaws and the Operational Guidelines.

The Bylaws were first adopted by the PNSO membership in June 2000 and serve as a high-level framework for the mission of the PNSO. Its contents are reviewed annually by the Cabinet to identify potential amendments, which are put to a full membership vote during October elections.

The Bylaws provide a set of principles which are applied to the daily operations of the PNSO; the actual processes for implementing the Bylaws' principles can flex and evolve to meet the needs of the organization. A growing set of Operational Guidelines describes the PNSO's working processes, reviewed at a minimum three-year cycle and approved by a vote of Cabinet.

  • The PNSO Bylaws, last amended Oct. 2017.
  • Operational Guidelines:
    • OG 1: Choosing Cabinet Members 
    • OG 2: Selecting Candidates for President-Elect, Nominating Committee and Cabinet  (and Nomination Form for Candidates)
    • OG 3: Providing Communication to PNSO Members 
    • OG 4: Retired - OG 4: Electing Nursing Congress Delegates (the Congress Delegate model was discontinued in 2012)
    • OG 5: Committee Meeting Process 
    • OG 6: Representation to Committees Affecting the Practice of Nursing 
    • OG 7: Process for Establishment of PNSO Annual Goals and Priorities
    • OG 8: Clinical Career Ladder Oversight
    • OG 9: Peer Review and Self-Evaluation (last rev 03/2018)
    • OG 10: Central Clinical Practice Committee 2018
    • OG 11:  Central Nursing Quality Committee 2018
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