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Net Learning Tip Sheet for BLS Online Course for UVA Employees

Net Learning BLS Tips/Resolutions to FAQs


The following tips to (FAQs) are provided to assist UVA Health System employees in completing the recently added AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers Online part 1 2014 CBL in Net Learning:


1.       The BLS CBL is now an auto-enroll course for UVA Health System employees who are required by job title to have the certification.  The course will be added to the student’s “To Do” list 2 months prior to the BLS card expiration date in the system.


2.     There is a weekly (Tuesday) reminder scheduled in Net Learning to  be sent to employees until both Part 1 and Part 2 (skills check) have been completed/recorded.


3.    In order for the CBL (Part 1) to disappear from the employee’s “To Do” list in Net Learning, the course evaluation must be completed and the course must be properly closed.  To properly close the course, follow the directions on the screen, (close this window, wait on the new window to say, “OK to close”), and then close the window. You will not get the completion when you click “Save score” button in my Net Learning.  After closing the course window, you will also need to close the security window.  Answer YES, to the question, “Do you want to display the non-secure items?” Close this window and the CBL should move to your completions list in NL, NOTE: if answering YES does not work then re-open the course and this time answer NO. This is due to the medical centers security processes and we are unable to determine which security window will open on the PC you are using.


4.    Trouble launching the CBL in Net Learning:

Net Learning has told us that trying to launch the course from home is always problematic, because the browser version or internet connection may be different.  To troubleshoot this, we advise you to make sure the computer you are using has the following:

Internet Explorer

Pop-up Blockers are OFF

Try Logging-out and then logging in

OR  Change computers

Call the Help Desk at 924-5334