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Roles in the Performance Appraisal Process

HR Operations Provide consultation through the performance management cycle and appraisal process.
Learning & Organizational Development (L&OD) Coordinate processes and facilitate communication associated with the performance appraisal process; prepare status reports. Develop and facilitate associated training and informational sessions as appropriate.
Compensation Review submitted Performance Appraisals which have been amended and determine if a re-evaluation of a position is warranted in collaboration with department management.  Compensation also recommends merit increase ranges based on the performance increase budget and distribution of appraisal ratings.
Employee The person whose performance is being appraised.  The employee's responsibility is to share with the Primary Reviewer his/her views of past performance, and development opportunities for the future.  In addition, it is also the employee's responsibility to have a clear understanding of what their goals will be for the next year, how they performed over the last year and to be constructive in their discussions.  An example of this may be a self appraisal and list of accomplishments.
Primary Reviewer

The immediate Manager who best knows employee's job duties and observes work performance and behaviors.  The Primary Reviewer's responsibility is to create the correct atmospheres and ensure effective discussion through preparation, a supportive approach and following up on agreed upon items.  Primary Reviewers are also responsible for ensuring completion of all required mandatory training and competency modules.

Second Reviewer The Manager of an employee's Primary Reviewer.  The Second Reviewer's responsibility is to ensure that appraisal discussions have taken place and all required mandatory training and competency modules have been completed and all forms have been completed and signed off by the appropriate individuals.  The Second Reviewer also monitors individual performance appraisal ratings within their areas.