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Annual Performance Appraisals


Employees eligible for performance appraisal this year includes all regular, flex, pool and temporary employees who began employment with the Medical Center prior to April 1.

Eligibility Exceptions  back to top
  • Performance Counseling - Employees who have reached Step III in the Performance Improvement Counseling process and are serving a "performance warning period" during the appraisal review process will have their performance appraisal and applicable merit increase deferred until the performance warning period has concluded.
  • Leave Status - Employees who are currently on leave status must be evaluated within 30 days of their return.  If the employee has been absent for 6 or more months of the performance period, the appraisal will be deferred until the end of the next performance period.
Performance Appraisal Process back to top
  • Review documentation of employee's performance and competency validation for the current performance period (fiscal year, 7/1 - 6/30). If self-appraisals are required, request and review these documents via ePerformance prior to completing the performance appraisal.
  • Complete a performance appraisal for each employee. Ensure that each job function is rated and the overall performance rating is calculated. Comments shall be provided to support an overall rating other than "Fully Meets Expectations". Said differently, you must provide written documentation in the "Priimary Reviewer Comments" section for any performance appraisal where the overall rating is a "Does Not Fully Meet Expectations" or "Consistently Exceeds Expectations". NOTE: Employees who receive an overall rating of "Does Not Fully Meet Expectations" must have a Performance Improvement Plan established within 30 days of the performance appraisal date.  Periodic progress reviews will be conducted every 30 days, and improvement must be documented within 90 days. If performance does not improve, contact Employee Relations to discuss appropriate action.
  • Verify completion of all mandatory and age-specific competencies.
  • For nurses, ensure they have reviewed and updated as necessary their education, employment history, certifications, professional organization membership and volunteerism in the Nursing Demographic Database.
  • When you have completed the performance appraisal, but before you meet with the employee, submit it to the Second Reviewer.  The Second Reviewer is typically the Manager (i.e., next person within the chain of command) of the Primary Reviewer. If the review by the Second Reviewer results in a change to the overall performance rating, corresponding changes should be in the performance appraisal.
  • All performance appraisals must be approved by the Second Reviewer prior to discussion with the employee.
  • The ePerformance system will notify the Primary Reviewer via email when the Second Reviewer has approved the performance appraisal.  At that time, the Primary Reviewer will schedule a meeting to review the performance appraisal with the employee.
  • After the Primary Reviewer and employee have met, the Primary Reviewer will make the appraisal available for the employee's review.  The ePerformance system will email the employee a link to acknowledge receipt of the performance appraisal.
  • After the employee acknowledges receipt, the ePerformance system will email a link to the Primary Reviewer for them to "complete" the process.

One Final Note: back to top

Keep in mind, when working within a performance based pay system, poorly executed performance appraisals may harm the Medical Center's ability to reward the highest performing employees.  If, for example, a manager is careless in his or her rating of an employee as "Consistently Exceeds", thereby giving an inflated rating, that will serve to de-value the rating for those employees who truly deserve it.