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Reward & Reaffirm


As leaders of the organization, you have the ability to develop and shape our culture of caring by positively impacting the employee experience in a single moment. This section builds upon our current Uteam Recognition and Rewards program. Building recognition behaviors into your day-to-day routine will help to reaffirm in the employees’ mind that they made the right choice to work for UVA Medical Center. It is important to always recognize efforts and reward results.

Available Resources & Tools

6-Month Celebration

New employees who have reached 6 months of employment will be invited to attend a special celebration where they receive their new ID badge holder along with a small token to demonstrate our appreciation. The event aims to recognize the important milestone as well as illustrate senior leadership’s commitment to the success of each new employee.

Additional Resources for Recognizing and Rewarding your Employees

Additional resources for recognizing and rewarding your employees can be found in KnowledgeLink via the following paths: