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Jaunt Inc.


JAUNT is a regional transportation system providing service to Charlottesvi<http://www.ridejaunt.org/charlottesville.asp>lle<http://www.ridejaunt.org/charlottesville.asp> & Urban Albemarle<http://www.ridejaunt.org/charlottesville.asp>, Rural <http://www.ridejaunt.org/albemarle.asp> <http://www.ridejaunt.org/albemarle.asp> A<http://www.ridejaunt.org/albemarle.asp>lbemarle, Buckingham,<http://www.ridejaunt.org/buckingham.asp> Fluvanna<http://www.ridejaunt.org/fluvanna.asp>, Louisa<http://www.ridejaunt.org/louisa.asp> and Nelson. <http://www.ridejaunt.org/nelson.asp>  The 75 vehicle fleet carries the general public, agency clients, senior citizens, and people with disabilities throughout Central Virginia.  JAUNT operates several commuter routes that may be able to meet your transportation needs.  Please see JAUNT’s website for details.


Contact Info:

Address: 104 Keystone Place

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone: 434-296-3184

Web: http://www.ridejaunt.org/



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