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Critical Incidents

archwaysA critical incident is any event that is unexpected, acute, stressful and exceeds the normal coping capacities of individuals. FEAP provides immediate phone consultation to employees and managers and a variety of individual and group support services. Written information is also available to aid recovery and provide information about available resources.  Services are designed to aid normal people who are experiencing normal reactions following a highly abnormal event.

The goal of FEAP is to enhance and support the resilience of the organization and its employees and to facilitate return to work and productivity. The most important and helpful intervention for employees is a supportive and responsive unit, work environment and organization.  FEAP interventions are designed to enhance and facilitate this support. The majority of employees recover and return to a productive and healthy level of functioning both at home and at work.

FEAP consultants apply best practices in crisis response and services are based on evidence based, research-backed principles.  Follow up services are available to employees who need individual support or referral for further counseling.


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