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UVA Adult Nutrition Support Traineeship

”In an environment where physicians have been trained since medical school to base recommendations on the most current evidence, and to critically appraise all new information, the credibility of dietitians will be based on their ability to do the same.”

UVA Medical Center

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The UVA adult Nutrition Support Traineeship Program is a unique, five-day opportunity to achieve a higher level of practice in adult nutrition support.  Our evidence-based program utilizes actual patient cases, small group discussions, critical evaluation of research, and a practical, hands-on approach to learning.  Experiences during the traineeship week are structured to spend time observing and participating in completing nutrition support consults, nutrition team rounds, review of syllabus modules, case studies and plenty of time for questions.   Participants will hear a number of educational lectures and interact with clinicians from a variety of disciplines, including physicians, nurses, and others.

Included in the traineeship program is an extensive, fully referenced Traineeship Manual.  Modules are based on the most current evidence-based information, and provide a template for education at the bedside. 

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If you are unable to travel to Virginia for a full week, check out our "Weekend Warrior" programs.   Our Weekend Warrior program is a two-day 'mini' program held on a Saturday and Sunday.  Click on the link below to see the full details and program for this program.

Weekend Warrior information

“The concept of a nutrition support traineeship arose from the realization that small groups of motivated professionals, led by experienced mentors, and provided with a combination of didactic and hands-on experiences is an extremely effective learning environment.  Physicians recognize this in the way that fellowship programs for medical subspecialties are organized.   Our traineeship utilizes this same concept for achieving an expert level of practice for the nutrition professional.”

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