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Dietetic Intern Selection Process

The program receives over 90 applicants each year for 12 positions. Protocol for internship appointments is mandated by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. A selection committee comprised of the program director and 2-3 nutritionists evaluate the applications. Intern selection is based on the following criteria:

  1. Letter of Application -- content, insight into personal and professional goals, and ability to provide information requested.

  2. Grades 
    Overall GPA: 3.2 or higher
    Professional coursework: 3.5 or higher

  3. Work Experience 
    Dietetic and Food Service Systems 
    Work experience in other fields 

  4. Letters of Reference--insight into the applicant's personal and professional abilities

  5. Honors, Scholarships, and Student Activities 

Each applicant will receive notification from the D&D Computer Matching Service of their acceptance to a program by the middle of April.

Contact Us

Program Director

Angie Hasemann, MS, RDN, CSP




Assistant Program Director

Dana Cullen, RD